Born in 1995, Max Brucker is a young german-british photographer based in Vienna, Austria.

Being born into a very international family taught him to be open minded and to be interested in different cultures, lifestyles, views and opinions. After graduating from secondary school, he spent six months in the Middle East before moving to Austria to attend university.

Always being deeply fascinated by humanity and crisis, in 2015, at the age of 20, he subsequently started documenting the European Refugee Crisis in Austria, Hungary and Slovenia. This experience left a deep impression on him and left him determined to continue documenting important social issues and pursuing a reportage career.

Max is currently a member of the Vienna based photo and video production company Constant Evolution where he produces content for the fashion and lifestyle industry.

In 2017, Max took part in the multinational Sky Arts production 'Master Of Photography', achieving numerous best pictures and reaching episode 7 of 8. 

Austrian - Hungarian border, Refugee Crisis 2015

Austrian - Hungarian border, Refugee Crisis 2015

2016 - Exhibition: Road To Nowhere, Locomot Gallery Vienna

2017 - TV Appearance: Contestant Sky Arts Master of Photography 2